Contrary to Video and Internet Rumors, Michael Jackson Is Not Alive


    The Internet has been lit up in the last 24 hours with reports about how Michael Jackson is really alive, and faked his death because…well, because it would be great page views for some Internet joker who wanted to start a new meme that would set Google Trends ablaze. The video above is purported to feature Michael Jackson getting out of a coroner’s van after he “allegedly” died, thus “proving” that he’s alive. But in the clip we don’t see Jackson’s face, hear his voice, or see anything that would suggest the guy that hops out of that coroner’s van is the same one who wrote “Billie Jean.”


    After all the comparisons to Elvis after he died, it seems like Michael has just completed the checklist for a second coming of the King (bizarre death, bizarre personal habits, hiding yourself in a huge mansion with vampiric hangers-on, spotted after you’ve been dead). The thing that doesn’t make any sense (and has never made any sense with the Elvis is really alive hoax) is why Jackson would fake his own death. What, he didn’t want to do some concerts? Wouldn’t it have been more advantageous for him to fake his death in 1991 when the first child molestation charges started coming out? That way he’d be frozen in time in a way everyone wishes he was now, because then we wouldn’t have to act like the guy didn’t live between 1991-2009. [via Idolator]