Contest: Predict the sales of Era Vulgaris / Winner of Memory Almost Full announced

    Mike is the winner of last week’s Memory Almost Full album sales contest. He was only about 3,000 off. Sir Paul joining forces with Starbucks resulted in 160,500 albums which was good enough for #3 on the charts. Narrowly beating him out were RnBers Rihanna (162,000) and T-Pain (171,000). You know sales are down when when none of these 3 stars crack 200K.
    This brings us to this week’s album sales contest. We’ll stick to rock and go with QOTSA this week. Will a strong internet media blitz result in strong sales? Take a guess below for your shot at a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.[more:]


    • Predict the first week album sales for QOTSA”’s Era Vulgaris below in the comments.
    • Predictions after Sunday (June 17, 2007 will be disqualified)


    • $20 gift certificate to

    Additional Notes:
    *Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
    **Whoever is closest to actual sales figures from Soundscan. No Price is Right rules in effect (i.e. you can still win if your guess is over the actual sales figures.)
    ***This contest is open to everyone including Prefix staffers.