Contest: Predict sales of Lupe Fiasco’s ”’Food and Liquor”’

    While posting that Lupe Fiasco video I started wondering how Lupe’s sales must be doing this week. Then I was scrolling down the Prefix home page and stopped at the sight of angry Justin Timberlake. Man, JT looked pissed. He was probably miffed he only sold 684,000 copies of FutureSex/LoveSounds or perhaps he was angry that I forgot to post a follow-up to last week’s contest. I’ve never seen JT look so angry and to calm him down here is this week’s album sales contest…

    • Predict the first week album sales for Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor below.
    • Predictions after Sunday will be disqualified.
    • When the soundscan data comes out next week, we will announce a winner.


    • $20 gift certificate to

    *Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
    **Whoever is closest to actual sales figures from Soundscan. No Price is Right rules in effect (i.e. you can still win if your guess is over the actual sales figures.)
    ***This contest is open to everyone including Prefix staffers.
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