Constantines and Feist cover Kenny and Dolly

    Some songs are so good that they transcend the need to be classified as a guilty pleasure. Despite the fact “Islands in the Stream” was written by the Bee Gees and performed by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton at the height of Nashville’s aggressively pop-tinged attempts to conquer mainstream music listeners, the song stands out as a near perfect pop confection based on harmonies and an unforgettable chorus. Though the Rogers and Parton version will always be the iconic one, Canadians Fesist and the Constantines show that a truly special piece of music can stand up to interpretation. Their delicate, slowed down take offers an interesting look at a childhood radio favorite. A full stream of the song and ordering information for the limited edition single can be found here. Kensington Heights, the new album by the Constantines will be released stateside on April 29th.  [Stereogum]