Connie Britton And ‘Friday Night Lights’ Producer Criticize Romney’s Use Of Series Slogan

    Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg isn’t the only one who’s upset over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s use of the cult hit’s motto as the slogan for his campaign. Now star Connie Britton and executive producer Sarah Aubrey are fighting back against the GOP nominee.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair has written an article for USA Today criticizing Romney’s use of a variation of the motto “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.” Romney’s version of the motto is “Clear eyes. Full hearts. America can’t lose.”

    Britton and Aubrey focus on the candidates’ differences regarding their approach to women’s issues. The pair argues that women in Dillon, Texas (where the series is set), should vote for Barack Obama, because his values are “more closely aligned with those represented by the phrase.” They cite health care and equal pay as important issues for American women, then borrow from the series’ famous phrase, writing, “If we women make ourselves aware of the issues and make our voices heard, we most certainly cannot lose.”

    Romney is still using the slogan, and he has even offered supporters bracelets with the slogan printed on them. Only time will tell if the use of the motto leads to more serious consequences, like a lawsuit.