Conan O’Brien Plays The Replacement Refs’ Greatest Hits

    It’s impossible to live in the United States and not hear about the state of football constantly. The big story this year is how mixed-up each and every NFL game is now that the regular referees are on strike. The replacement refs are trying their best, but most people agree that they’re making a lot of confusing and inaccurate calls. 

    If this past weekend’s games seemed like a comedy of errors, you haven’t seen anything yet. Conan O’Brien and his staff have done us all a favor and compiled a reel of the worst offenses the replacement refs have committed. Some of them are selfish, like the referee who reverses a call because the player in question is on his fantasy team. Others are downright bewildering, such as the ref who’s afraid of the ball or the one who complains that pigs shouldn’t be killed just so a football can be made. 

    If you thought your favorite team was getting screwed by these refs, just be thankful that the holdout can’t go on much longer. And if you don’t care about football and simply enjoy comedy, sit back and relax. This period in the sport’s history is a goldmine for comedians like Conan O’Brien. Check out his reel below (via TBS).