Complex Chronicles The History Of G.O.O.D. Music

    Complex are known for their habitual lists — things which can either hit the bullseye (32 Awesomely Awkward Photos of Yao Ming) or miss the board completely (The 10 Most Annoying Kids To Have in a Carpool). For their latest journalistic compilation, Benjamin Chesna has chronicled the complete history of G.O.O.D. Music — fitting considering the crew’s Cruel Summer album just dropped last week.

    Over a 94-page slideshow, readers can learn (or simply refamiliarize themselves with) the journey of the label from a pre-College Dropout thought of Kanye’s to one of hip-hop’s strongest forces, complete with every album release, artist signing and even “G.O.O.D Music” reference in a song in its eight year history. Set aside a good (pun intended) 20 minutes or so and head over to Complex to read the article.