Company Flow, Public Enemy Added To ATP New Jersey

    All Tomorrow’s Parties New Jersey boasted a jaw-dropping lineup from the jump as it promised sets from Portishead and Jeff Mangum, with the former curating the event they dubbed “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” Battles, Swans, Ultramagnetic MCs, and Mogwai would be added in the ensuing months and today, it’s been revealed that hip-hop heads attending the festival have even more to be excited about. Company Flow and Public Enemy are the latest additions to ATP New Jersey, with the latter set to perform their 1990 classic, Fear of a Black Planet, in its entirety. Whew, my jealousy level for anyone with ATP tickets just went through the goddamn roof.

    ATP New Jersey runs Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 in Asbury Park, N.J. For the hell of it, watch the “Fight the Power” video below.