‘Community’ Will Air In Canada On Jan. 11

    Community, the wacky NBC comedy about a diverse study group of nut jobs who attend Greendale Community College (home of the fighting Human Beings), gets pretty short shrift from its network. It’s been threatened with cancellation, had its showrunner fired and been moved back and forth between Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. 

    The latest rumor to circulate around the internet was, according to Vulture, that Community would be getting a Nov. 9 premiere — but not in all of North America. It was announced that the show would be broadcast on CityTV well ahead of schedule in Canada, and the internet collectively freaked out. 

    However, that was either a mistake, or the situation has changed. It’s now apparent that Jeff, Annie, Pierce, Shirley, Britta, Troy and Abed won’t be on anybody’s TV screens until the new year, as the premiere date has been amended to Jan. 11. That’s probably a good decision, seeing as desperate American Community fans would probably either all move north or find some way to illegally pirate early episodes and hurt the ratings of the program when it eventually came south.