Common Talks Drake, “Softer Side Of Hip Hop”

    Common was interviewed on Sirius’ Hip Hop Nation show yesterday, and he basically said that his battle with Drake, which began on wax with “Sweet,” is the result of his own frustrations with rap music’s current direction. Not trying to address any person specifically, he even said that he’s doing it for hip hop and isn’t trying to bring anyone (ie Drake) down. “You can express yourself in many different ways, but man,” Com said, “I just was missing that hardcore hip hop.” If you didn’t know, Common’s latest record, The Dreamer/The Believer, is littered with raw, Big L-inspired rants on various forms of gangsta shit. The Chicago rapper also said he isn’t trying to bring the beef to anything other than words–he just didn’t like that “sweet music” was becoming representative of hip hop culture. Go to Rap Radar for the audio of Com’s interview. [RR]