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"Common People" in painfully minute detail

Last year, with a specificity of subject that puts those 33 1/3 books to shame, the BBC produced an hour long documentary entirely about Pulp's smash Brit-pop anthem "Common People." Thanks to the magic of You Tube, we can be obsessive nerds together, pasty hands held across the Atlantic.
Here's part 1. To see parts 2-6 all lined up in a pretty row, head over to the Tripwire.
Les Claypool, Tour Dates - Les Claypool to tour Ed Harcourt Ed Harcourt busy with his, others' music
Jarvis Cocker

This is one of the best songs of all time.


I'm in the liner notes of Shatner's album of which he covered this song. - Part of the "louisville people's choir" in which they recorded the audience instead of hiring a choir for his cover. My claim to fame... shatner. sad.

John B

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