Common Explains Drake Beef, Felt It Was Necessary For Hip-Hop

    Wait, wasn’t the Common vs. Drake beef supposed to be dead? Well, yeah, pretty much, but that hasn’t stopped the Chicago rapper from talking about it. In an interview with Billboard at the Sundance Film Festival, he explained that it was nothing personal but just a means of addressing what he sees as a “softer side” of hip-hop these days.

    Common also felt it was necessary to “name names,” just like Jay-Z and Nas did in their respective battle raps. “I don’t want anybody else to think I’m talking about them,” Common said. “I want you to know, ‘Hey this is who I’m talking to.'” He explains the beef further below.

    “And I made it clear that I’m not talking about anyone specifically. For me it was no different than when Jay-Z addressed with ‘DOA,’ he was talking about Auto-Tune. I was talking about, ‘Hey, you know hip-hop is starting to become more just saturated with softer songs,'” he said.

    “And I don’t see anything the matter actually with the love songs. I do love songs. So I don’t see anything the matter with it, but when the music becomes saturated with it, I mean, I speak up. I love hip-hop music.”