Common Deads Beef With Drake

    Drake and Common’s beef been called many things, including the softest, weakest, lamest, and most pointless beef in recent hip-hop history. And now, you can add another adjective to the list: dead. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Com all but ended his battle with Drizzy, which really only came to a head nine days ago with the “Stay Schemin'” remix.

    But now? Com’s complimented his former nemesis’ music — apparently he thinks Drake’s output is “clever” and that “made some cool songs.” The Chicago rapper then laid the beef to rest with the following statement:

    “I feel like I said what I had to say, and I’m just going to let it be at that point,” he said. “Now, if something else happens, then I’ll just have to act accordingly. But right now, I feel like, man, I said what I needed to say about this situation on record.”

    Yawn. So that’s that? Peace, love and Gap, indeed.