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Common 'Finding Forever' album cover art

What in the hell? That was my initial reaction when I saw the cover to Common's album art. Looking at it again, I'm thinking it's alright. Not r.0 or nothing like that, but acceptable. For a bigger version click on the pic. What do you guys think of it?

Also, for those counting down the album will be released on July 24.
[Cover artwork for Common's upcoming album 'Finding Forever']
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Album Cover Art

Anyone know who designed it? Kinda looks like something Chuck Anderson would do or someone doing a poor imitation of Chuck's work. I just put two and two together from them both being in the "Chi-town Artistic Arena". Too much negative space going on, not a fan either.

Andrew Douglas

Creative concept but looks kinda gay.


I think the brown hoodie lookin thing around his head is the only thing that I'm not liking actually.

Dave Park

"Like whoa." - Black Rob


I agree with the hoodie thing. Everything looks alright except that thing looks like an old lady scarf wrapped around his beautiful face.


Common has a nice face and all, but this is sort of eerie. I feel like I'm being given a watchful eye by some wise old man with a walking stick.


"the game" > this album cover. but it's not bad or anything.


MK, do you like "The Game" or "The People" more?

Dave Park

"the people" is much more complex and has way more soul. and i still like "the game" more.


No thank you. But everything I've heard off this so far has been fire so this is no reason to hate. Nobody buys actual albums anymore anyway...


If this were a Herbie Hancock cover I would not have thought twice.


i think it's pretty sick. Very original and creative. Common's album is gonna be amazing...............album of 07, next to Kanye West's "Graduation," and Talib Kweli's "Eardrum." He actually makes GOOD hip hop, which is great


electric heat did this....another well known chi-town designer....


You're gay for thinkin it's gay.


it looks a little bit too much a like a t shirt you would buy at target or something, but i guess its alright. cant touch the classic simplicity of Be, although i have a feeling this album will be better.

Kid A

I think the artwork is brilliant, the negative space creates intrigue. I wish I knew who did it. Full props to them.


Who mande the cover?


I think it's pretty tight, the negative space symbolizes the lack of understanding we have for most things in this universe, and room to expand. The image, is plenty busy. It would begin to be confusing if there was even more going on. Common looks a bit like obie-one-kanobe.


I think this album cover is sick, and ya'll need to stop hatin, very creative.


wen i first saw the cover, i thought common got a perm.. very disturbing. lol


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