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Common and Afrika Bambaataa in new Zune Ad (Video)

You have to hand it to Microsoft: they really aren’t ready to let the Zune go. Here’s a new ad (one featuring less fat guy ass than this one) featuring Common and Afrika Bambaataa talking to a Zune user about her playing a Common song that samples Bambaataa. The ad also features visual shout-outs to other hip-hop albums (like Seeing Sounds and 808’s and Heartbreak), so apparently Microsoft thinks that promoting hip-hop is the way move Zunes. [Nahright]
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Afrika Bambaataa

I just saw this commercial on Comedy Central. Pretty cool compared to most commercials out there.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

what is that song called that is playing in the background?


universal mind control by common


Sick Song


what's afrika bambaataa's song then?


it's "Planet Rock"


it's not Planet Rock, it's looking for the perfect beat


the only thing this commercial does is let iphone/itouch users use shazam to find out what the songs called and let them download the song through itunes...


no, not really.


No its not looking for the perfect beat. Commons beat was influenced by "Planet Rock" He even says that it is. Hit replay on the video lol


have you even heard looking for the perfect beat? It's on the Planet Rock IS Looking for the perfect beat!


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