Commercial Director Considered For ‘Videodrome’ Remake

    Universal has been kicking around the idea of remaking David Cronenberg’s 1983 sci-fi horror film Videodrome since 2009. Apparently, plans are still in motion, as Deadline announced that commercial director Adam Berg is in talks to make his feature film-directing debut with the remake.

    Ehren Kruger wrote the script and is co-producing with partner Daniel Bobker. Their script modernizes the original film’s story, where a TV producer programms a show depicting violent torture and murder, only to discover there is something more sinister than the violence on screen.

    According to reports, the remake will be a “large-scale sci-fi action thriller,” as opposed to the more claustrophobic horror seen in Cronenberg’s version. While fans of the original may scoff at the idea of a remake, the eerie directing style from Berg’s commercials may make the movie interesting.