Coldplay Accused of Video Plagiarism

    You could probably start a new blog that only dealt with Coldplay-related plagiarism claims* and have something to write about every week. Case in point: the Radiohead-lite rockers have been accused this week of ripping the concept for their “Strawberry Swing” video from unknown singer Andy Gallagher’s “Something Else” clip. Both do feature chalkboard stop-animation, but that’s pretty much all they have in common.


    Gallagher clearly realized that calling out Coldplay, who probably didn’t come up with the video’s idea, is going to get him way more pub than just calling out Shynola (he did, but Coldplay were mentioned first), so cheers to him. Mission accomplished. [Spinner]


    *- You might want to think about augmenting your readership by having pictures of cute puppies.