Cobain docudrama on the way?

    Via (gulp) Access Hollywood:
    Courtney Love’s questionable stewardship of Kurt Cobain’s legacy continues with news that she has purchased the rights to Charles Cross’s Heavier Than Heaven. The good news, at least from the viewpoint of this Nirvana-obsessed blogger, is that Cross’s biography of Cobain remains the hands-down authoritative account of the Nirvana story. The bad news, of course, is that there’s no way Hollywood can do justice to a topic that’s turned for so many from reality into romanticized legend.
    And nobody does formulaic drug-addled music-genius pap like mainstream cinema. Boy grows up in dysfunctional family in backwoods town, boy finds outlet through musical expression, boy achieves fame and retreats into mounting substance abuse to deal with demands of worldwide stardom and suffocating label pressure, boy meets and marries calculating starfucker, boy blows head off.
    I can see it now. The podium of the 2010 Academy Awards:

    Orlando Bloom: And the Best Actor goes to… Shia Leboeuf, in “Postcards From Aberdeen”!

    *Shiver.* Thus far, Love says in reproductive terminology that would undoubtedly please Cobain, the film is in its “embryonic stage,” with no script, director or stars attached. Who would be your choice to play Cobain? Love (assuming she somehow recuses herself from the role)? Grohl? Kathleen Hanna?