Cobain biopic gets access to Nirvana catalogue

    Well, yes, come to think of it: A Kurt Cobain biopic without actual Nirvana songs would seem a little pointless. And so if you”’ll join us in choir: Thank Heavens for Courtney Love!
    Love ” owner of publishing rights to the Nirvana back catalogue ” has granted the makers of Universal”’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled adaptation of Charles R. Cross’ Cobain biography ‘Heavier Than Heaven’ clearance to soundtrack the film with as many Nirvana tunes as they very well please.[more:]
    It warrants mentioning that Love is an executive producer on the project, so this heartwarming gesture lucrative deal comes as a shock to approximately no one. But even still ” sure beats whatever they had for Plan B. (Vines covers, anyone?)