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Cobain biopic gets access to Nirvana catalogue

Well, yes, come to think of it: A Kurt Cobain biopic without actual Nirvana songs would seem a little pointless. And so if you'''ll join us in choir: Thank Heavens for Courtney Love!
Love '' owner of publishing rights to the Nirvana back catalogue '' has granted the makers of Universal'''s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled adaptation of Charles R. Cross' Cobain biography 'Heavier Than Heaven' clearance to soundtrack the film with as many Nirvana tunes as they very well please.
It warrants mentioning that Love is an executive producer on the project, so this heartwarming gesture lucrative deal comes as a shock to approximately no one. But even still '' sure beats whatever they had for Plan B. (Vines covers, anyone?)
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Courtney Love
Kurt Cobain

Wow, I dread this. Did people who grew up with Johnny Cash get the same feeling about "Walk the Line"? Or is the dread 90's specific. I can think of exactly two good music biopics. One is Amadeus, one is Coal Miner's Daughter.

Jeff K

I don't see what's to dread. Either it will be a good movie, or a bad one. We don't know yet. It's too early. Not enough details. If they say Carrot Top is playing Kurt, then I'll dread it. If they say that Green Day's rhythm section will be playing Krist and Dave, then I'll dread it. But for now I feel like it could go either way. Did LAST DAYS bother you this much?


No, but I didn't think it was very good, either. And I was ready to love it. So if Van Sant took a tank, what hope does this have? I just want them to stop making biopics in general, even of like, important historical figures. But that would require installing my own facist regime, so I'm just gonna gripe about it on the internet.

Jeff K

Alright, man. That's cool. Carry on.


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