Coachella, Lady Gaga Use Supersonic Frequencies To Send Info To Your Phone

    There is some wild tech out in the world today. SonicNotify, a new startup that sends information to your cell phone via supersonic frequencies, is such an example. Canora Records, which weirdly is the label that released MGMT’s albums, is apparently using all that “Time to Pretend” money to finance startups such as SonicNotify.

    In theory, the tech works through an app on your phone that picks up these unheard frequencies, and those frequencies trigger actions by your phone. Lady Gaga used it during her last tour to allow concert attendees to pick her encore song, and it’s being used at Fashion Week to disseminate information on models as they walk down the runway.

    According to Cantora Records co-founder Jesse Israel, the technology will be at Coachella as well. Possible downside: Trent Reznor using SonicNotify to grant all your phones sentience at the next Nine Inch Nails concert. []