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CNN Forced To Apologize For Airing Bad Part Of Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage" (No, Not All Of It) (Video)



Here is the funniest public apology video on YouTube today: After telling the "cute" story of a 103-year-old woman who still drives a hoopdie around the streets of her Pennsylvania town, CNN played Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage." That's not a problem, necessarily (though that song HAS NOT aged well), but CNN played basically the worst part of the song: Right when the woman gets in the car, Coolio says "punk ass nigga's set trippin." Bad timing, music supervisor over at CNN. 20 minutes later, the anchor was forced to apologize, and claimed that "we are working very hard to make up for it." What in the hell does that mean? They're working to make sure that no one ever uses Coolio in a bumper again? I hope so. [Redding News Review via Daily Swarm]


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Bahahahahahaha... instant classic.

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That. is. amazing.

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That. just illustrates the urgent need for ALL mediafolk to take the and where their responses are dysfunctional with respect to differences in color and culture - send the sickies to Ethnotherapeutic counselling until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture; they're just reflecting their U.S.A. education system-institutionally colorist conditioning. Don't fire 'em - HEAL 'EM! (Like everyone ELSE who's undergone U.S.A. maleducation with its eurocentric bent! - Like the colorist John Stossel - They should ALL be required to read the Tim Wise "Affirmative Action!") HA HA HA HA! CT, First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

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