Club Promoter Leaks All Of Ministry’s Music As Revenge For Bad Gig

    This is about the meanest/gulliest thing a club promoter can do to an artist when a show goes bad: Seed nearly the entirety of the band’s catalog, as this dude pissed off at Ministry has done. Dude has been seeding and posting Ministry’s catalog for a while, but his memo on the PirateBay files has just gone viral. Here’s what he wrote:

    What can I say?


    True story, I used to own a nightclub, and one night Al Jourgensen was supposed to perform, so I went to the airport to pick him up before the show. So I’m standing there at the gate waiting for the plane to arrive (this was before 9/11) and as I’m standing there waiting, a bunch of cops show up. When the plane rolls up to the ramp, the cops go running down and board the aircraft. I’m thinking to myself, this can’t be good, right…So they come off the plane dragging Al Jourgensen, who was screaming that he would kill these fucken cops and whatnot. Turns out, he had insisted on smoking on the plane and when told to put out the cigarette, he told them he’d blow up the plane if they didn’t leave him alone and let him smoke. So I begged the cops to let Al come perform, it was two sold out shows. The cops let me take him after I promised to deliver him back to them when the show was done (which I never did of course). Well, Al couldn’t perform at the show, was screaming the entire time, throwing full coronas into the audience (his rider stated he was to have a full case of cold Corona beer on stage). He kept screaming MINISTRY IS DEAD over and over. As it turns out, when he saw the cops coming onto the plane for him, he ate a bunch of LSD he had in his pocket, and thus was WAY TOO HIGH to perform the shows…


    I ended up losing a bunch of money from people who walked out and wanted refunds

    Hahaha, yes! Way to stick it to him, dude. Look out bands with a penchant for fucking up live shows: A promoter might drop all your music on Torrent sites. And seed it like crazy. [DMN]