Cloud Nothings Unleashes New Noisy Track

    Cloud Nothings, responsible for one of the best albums of 2012, Attack on Memory, played a “noisy” set of new tunes for their upcoming fourth album, reportedly titled Body Music. Early comparisons to the new sound are Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. This video (below) is the first new taste at the upcoming fall release.

    Talking to Spin about the new album, the album will be “little less melodic,” speaking of Attack on Memory‘s softer, delicate side. The 2012 album brilliantly split itself into light and dark, with about the same amount of tracks on each side. The Cleveland-quartet are getting “noisier and less straightforward,” which means we can only expect more raw, emotional music like this. Dylan Baldi, the band’s frontman, said the album has a song that is very Wire-inspired. [Spin]

    Here is the unnamed, new track from Cloud Nothings: