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Clipse video interview

It's a relatively quiet week for new releases aside for the long-awaited album from The Clipse Hell Hath No Fury. Here's a short video interview clip of The Clipse. If nothing else check it out for Pusha looking a bit bored until he speaks at the end and the Prefix plug at the start. Also, look for the Prefix review of Hell Hath No Fury tomorrow.

Quicktime version of interview
Prefix interview with The Clipse
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The Wombats

Pusha T is the one looking bored (in the blue) 'til the end. Malice is the one on the right in the grey. Pusha's the one with cornrows.


crap. that's what i meant. I'm going to fix that now. Thanks Amar.

Dave Park

Wamp, Wamp! Whut it dew?



[...] In any case, it’s time for the next contest and while this week sees far less major releases in comparison to the rest of the month, a lot of people are wondering what kind of numbers The Clipse will do. It’s a tough one to call because despite the duo having the internet going nutz and the critics giving it near perfect scores, with the album leaks and the stupid buying public it’s a hard one to predict. Contest: [...]

» Contest: Predict the sales of '''Hell Hath

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