Clipse and Rick Rubin Collaboration Totally Went Down

    Clipse are currently working on their third LP, Till the Casket Drops, in hopes of a  summer release (fingers crossed, people). Back in July, when the group announced they were cutting a new album, they attached a nugget to the release–they planned to work with their new label Columbia’s boss, Rick Rubin, on a track or two. This would be monumental if it were to happen.


    Well, it totally did. On the Re-Up Gang blog, Pusha and Malice uploaded pictures of themselves with Rick Rubin headed to go cut a track in Malibu. One of them is to your left. Clipse have already cut one track with Rubin, and plan to cut at least one more, if not a couple.


    Meanwhile, the album’s first single, "Kinda Like A Big Deal" is due to radio on March 9, and features a guest spot from Kanye West and production from DJ Khalil, who has cut a bunch of tracks with Clipse for the album. [Pitchfork]