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Clipse and Rick Rubin Collaboration Totally Went Down

Clipse and Rick Rubin Collaboration Totally Went Down

Clipse are currently working on their third LP, Till the Casket Drops, in hopes of a  summer release (fingers crossed, people). Back in July, when the group announced they were cutting a new album, they attached a nugget to the release--they planned to work with their new label Columbia's boss, Rick Rubin, on a track or two. This would be monumental if it were to happen.


Well, it totally did. On the Re-Up Gang blog, Pusha and Malice uploaded pictures of themselves with Rick Rubin headed to go cut a track in Malibu. One of them is to your left. Clipse have already cut one track with Rubin, and plan to cut at least one more, if not a couple.


Meanwhile, the album's first single, "Kinda Like A Big Deal" is due to radio on March 9, and features a guest spot from Kanye West and production from DJ Khalil, who has cut a bunch of tracks with Clipse for the album. [Pitchfork]   

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