Clint Eastwood Hunts Himself In This Awesome Sizzle Reel

    A sizzle reel is something that aspiring filmmakers (or established producers) create in order to sell an idea or product. It isn’t necessarily an excerpt of a movie or a shortened version of a story. Basically, it can be anything that shows the heart of an idea to potential investors or other interested parties. The best part is that sizzle reels are often compelling and interesting in their own right. 

    The latest to come out of Hollywood has been made by Joe Carnahan, director of action movies like The Grey and The A-Team. He wants to make a picture called Gemini, and until he convinces fans and producers alike to take a chance, he’s compiled a video that shares a little bit of the sizzle of that movie before it’s even been made. 

    Of course, the clip below (via /Film) isn’t really possible. It features an older special agent (played by Clint Eastwood) on the run from a much younger operative. The twist is that his pursuer is none other than a clone of himself — played by a young Clint Eastwood! Considering that Eastwood is much too old to play either version nowadays, we’ll have to settle for this and whatever Carnahan ends up making next. For now, check out the video and re-watch Looper to get a similar vibe.