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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - ''"Satan Said Dance''" (Track Review)

The idea of CYHSY as earnest DIY posterboys will likely be killed by their forthcoming record, Some Loud Thunder. Super producer Dave Fridmann is on board as designated knob twiddler, and he might have set a record for knobs twiddled in the studio version of this live set staple. Electronic blips, radio static, tuneless guitar scrapes, and a choir (used only for the word ''"dance''") fatten up what should have been a manic skeleton of drums and piano. Alec Ounsworth'''s vocal tics persist and expand, now much wilder than that of a certain Mr. Byrne who'''s often mentioned. However, since the nervous urgency of the late erupting guitar loop is the song'''s strongest asset, perhaps the boys should have tried even harder to sound like the Talking Heads (just this once) and cleared the sonic rubble enough to give the groove its deserved spotlight.

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Track Review

I like the last 30 seconds of the song the most.

Dave Park

Retro. Retro. Retro.

Joesph Smith

crazy lyrics- to be expected, but the production of the song with the beeps, stitches and razor cut like screeches just doesnt allow for the flow of the guitar and piano that carry the song.

I agree with Dave that the last part of the song is the best.

not bad tho if u listen to it a couple times and adjust your hearing to the screeches.

Brendan Ryan

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