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Clams Casino Releasing New EP, 'Rainforest,' June 27

Clams Casino Releasing New EP, 'Rainforest,' June 27

It's not that we didn't love Clams Casino's hazy, "based" production prior to the release of his free self-titled mixtape last month. He just hadn't received the kind of all-out exposure he has now before dropping that absolute gem of a project. And I don't think I was alone in assuming that it was only a matter of time before a label scooped him up for a proper release. Clams Casino announced today that he's putting out a five-track EP called Rainforest this June. But unlike his mixtape, the EP will only feature instrumentals we haven't heard someone like Lil B or Soulja Boy rapping over before.


You can stream the EP's first single, "Gorilla," at Pitchfork. Rainforest drops June 27 on Tri Angle.

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