Circulatory System working again

    Ah, those sweet, bygone days of the Elephant 6 collective, when another Olivia Tremor Control side project full of quirky psych-pop charm was always just around the corner. The late-’90s heyday of OTC, Neutral Milk Hotel, et al, has sadly passed (though Of Montreal and Apples In Stereo have maintained higher profiles than prognosticators might have reckoned back then). But  the first signs of new music from Circulatory System will give you that "you got your paisley in my peanut butter" feeling all over again.


    Led by erstwhile Olivias singer/guitarist Will Cullen Hart, Circulatory System released their self-titled debut album in 2001,  full of the same kind of sweetly fractured dayglo whimsy that powered his former band, but since then, E6 aficionados have been waiting patiently for the other shoe to drop.


    At last there are new signs of life from the Circulatory System. Three new songs, "Same Place," "Tiny Concerts," and "Path of the Parallels," are up on their MySpace page. Reassuringly, they contain just the blend of kitchen-sink percussion, woozy tape-loop manipulation, floating-on-a-purple-cloud vocal harmonies, and general "Tomorrow Never Knows" psychedelic sugar bombs that fans have been hoping to hear.