Circle Jerks Get Generous (SXSW 2009)

    Middle age has done little to slow down the Circle Jerks. The veteran punk band was particularly generous at their SXSW performance last night, playing a 75-minute set that included a whopping 30 songs (it helps that they’re short).


    The band looked, in a word, old, and singer Keith Morris is probably a little bit too bald on top to be rocking dreadlocks, and his stage presence was probably sillier than he intended it to be. He had some serious energy, though, ranting about junk mail, contorting his face intensely and shoving his microphone into the face of any fan interested in singing along. “Wild in the Streets” incited the night’s rowdiest mosh pit, some members of which probably haven’t moshed for the better part of a decade, but some things never change: It’s always the biggest guys who decide to stage dive for some reason.