Chuck D vs. RNC Chairman Michael Steele (Video)


    Until today, I had no idea CNN gave DL Hughley a political show. You learn something every day. RNC chairman Michael Steele (who has been compared perfectly by Jon Stwewart to the angry diner on Sesame Street) was on the show this week to argue with Chuck D and Hughley over whether or not the Republican culture could appropriate hip-hop culture, to which both sides come to predictable sides.


    There’s some awkward moments around whether or not Michael Steele lived in a tough neighborhood (Chuck D says "black people live there" when Steele says he grew up on a particular street in D.C.), and over whether or not Steele is the token black guy that the Republicans trotted out to counter Obama. Steele makes some valiant efforts to try to explain why he’s trying to change the Republican brand, but most of them seem to counter what most of the party has been saying lately. 


    Still though, DL Hughley? Chuck D? I have to watch more CNN. [NahRight]