Chuck D To Appear On New Meat Loaf Album?

    Um, I know I can’t be the only one throwing “WTF” glances at the above headline. But as NME reports, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is indeed slated to appear on Meat Loaf’s upcoming album, Hell In A Handbasket, which drops Feb. 27. And the thing is, it’s not just some run-of-the-mill guest feature. Chuck’s going to spit on a cover of Tom Cochrane’s “Mad Mad World,” which makes this only thing that much nuttier. Here’s what the Loaf had to say about his decision to throw Chuck on the album: 

    “Chuck D is the rapper’s rapper. He is the original, and every rapper that has come after him wants to be like him. For us to have him on this record is a major coup and I am so impressed with what he wrote!”

    You can stream the O.G. “Mad Mad World” below.