Chuck D launches BTNEastlink

    Public Enemy’s co founder, along with entertainment lawyer and digital media consultant Dan Lugo and producer Gary G-Wiz, are seeking to revolutionize the business of Hip Hop. How? With The Bring the Noise Eastlink Media, Management, Music Group, or BNTEastlink, which will encompass the SlamJamz Records label as well as management, consulting, and marketing (and video game scoring) services. As Chuck D told, "Basically, it’s putting all my diversified people under one roof."


    Two thirds of the artists on SlamJamz Records have releases that are digital-only and BNTEastlink is aiming to further plunge Hip Hop into this digital era. The rapper is hoping to work with veteran and up-and-coming artists and to market them worldwide: " lot of door knocking internationally will take place. Urban has sensibilities that are definitely planetary. But the discussions have to be more intense and more elaborate."


    Ultimately, BTNEastlink is hoping for an overhaul of the system in general. According to Chuck D: "Business could stand, in Hip-Hop, to be a little more organized and less cut-throat. I’ve seen some individual achievements over the years that basically did not look back or did not pave the road for other ways to follow. That doesn’t work worldwide. Domination does not help here. The NBA has 30-some odd teams, and the NFL has 30-some odd teams that all need each other to exist. In Hip-Hop, I’ve often seen that, if this was a Thanksgiving table, everybody got food all over their face, scrambling and running out the back door with the turkey."


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