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Chromeo's <i>Fancy Footwork: Deluxe Edition</i> out in June

Everybody's favorite funky/electro Judeo-Arabic duo Chromeo will release a Deluxe Edition of their second album "Fancy Footwork" with Vice Records. The two-disc set includes a Disc 1, which is the original recording of the album and a Bonus Disc, essentially split up between the band's videos, greatest hits, and a full plate of remixes by the likes of electro favorites MSTRKRFT, DFA, and Yuksek. Videos inlcude "Fancy Footwork", "Needy Girl", "Tenderoni", "Bonafied Lovin'", and DJ Mehdi's "I am Somebody", which features Chromeo. This release is set for June 17 and Chromeo will be performing at Coachella, Bonaroo, and Lollapalooza this summer. 

Disc 1 Track List:
1. Intro
2. Tenderoni
3. Fancy Footwork
4. Bonafied Lovin
(Tough Guys)
5. My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)
6. Outta Sight
7. Opening Up
(Ce Soir On Danse)
8. Momma's Boy
9. Call Me Up
10. Waiting 4 U
11. 100%

Bonus Disc Track List:
1. Fancy Footwork 3:18
2. Bonafied Lovin 4:33
3. Tenderoni 4:15
4. Needy Girl 4:42
5. I Am Somebody - DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo 3:13

6. Needy Girl 4:42
7. Rage 4:36
8. You're So Gangsta 4:12
9. I Am Somebody - DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo 3:13

10. Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT remix) 4:46
11. Fancy Footwork (Crookers remix) 5:28
12. Needy Girl (Lifelike remix)  6:24
13. Bonafied Lovin (Yuksek remix) 4:26
14. Me and My Man (Whitey remix) 4:06
15. You're So Gangsta (Playgroup remix) 5:51
16. Destination: Overdrive (DFA remix) 5:48
17. Fancy Footwork (Laidback Luke remix) 6:38
18. Bonafied Lovin' (Jori Hulkkonen remix) 5:00

April 27 - Coachella - Indio, CA
June 14 - Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
August 3 - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
August 9 - All Points West - Lincoln State Park, Jersey City, NJ

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I thought the album sold well, but didn't realize it sold this well.

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