Chromeo, DFA, A-Trak Toast to NY Brotherhood, Bushmills


    Leave it to a little Irish whiskey to bring the likes of Chromeo, A-Trak, DFA and DustLaRock together to discuss their Big Apple bond and get a little soused in the process. Thanks to a new campaign from whiskey brand Bushmills, the established artists get to sit by the bar and drink, do photo shoots and drink and generally have a rollicking good time as the teaser shows (somewhere meanwhile, Bill Murray’s Lost in Translation character is sulking with his Suntory). 


    In a statement, Fool’s Gold’s Nick Catchdubs, who also stars in the campaign, says, “A-Trak, Dust and myself were all friends before we started Fool’s Gold, and that bond is one of the things that really makes the company special. The Bushmills campaign definitely captures that. We hang together, we laugh, we fight… ultimately there is a unique kind of brotherhood at work that really pushes us to do better with every project, to inspire and impress each other and never stop.”


    You’ll have to sit pretty for a few days though as the actual short films featuring all the booze-driven hijinks and artist camaraderie won’t officially launch until next week on Bushmills’ Facebook page