Chromatics’ Epic ‘Kill For Love’ Finally Available

    The new album by Chromatics is finally here—and it’s nuts. It’s been five years since the excellent Night Drive from the electro-pop outfit, but Kill for Love just came out via iTunes after many delays and the release of five music videos from the record. But anyone thinking this might increase Chromatics’ audience by building on the acclaim heaped on the band after featuring on the Drive soundtrack may need to think again.

    Kill for Love is epic—it clocks in at over 90 minutes in length, with 17 songs included in total. Among those is their oddball cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” (just titled “Into the Black” here) and a 14-minute closing track titled “No Escape.” Italians Do It Better is promising a double vinyl release of this at some point, but no details on that are forthcoming at present. For now, head over to iTunes.

    Kill for Love track listing.

    1. Into The Black
    2. Kill For Love
    3. Back From The Grave
    4. The Page
    5. Lady
    6. These Streets Will Never Look The Same
    7. Broken Mirror
    8. Candy
    9. The Eleventh Hour
    10. Running From The Sun
    11. Dust To Dust
    12. Birds Of Paradise
    13. A Matter Of Time
    14. At Your Door
    15. There’s A Light Out On The Horizon
    16. The River
    17. No Escape