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Christians Protest Outside Marilyn Manson Concert

Marilyn Manson has constantly antagonized Christians throughout his career, and he incurred their wrath again at a concert in California on Tuesday (Aug. 25). Manson and his band were performing at the Pomona Fox Theater in Los Angeles while a full-scale demonstration took place outside the venue.


"The only thing I'm out here to accomplish is what the lord, Jesus Christ, through my belief, tells me to accomplish. And that's take his gospel to the lost,” said protester Rod Warner. "Every shirt you see here depicts nothing but death. They can say they're Christians if they want to, but the Lord says worship me with your heart not your mouth."


The show went ahead despite the Christian uprising outside, which featured banners saying: 'Trust Jesus, Repent: Read The Bible' and 'Study and Obey the Bible - Matthew 7:21.' Manson hasn’t yet commented on the protests, although it's likely that he derived much amusement from them.


[via Gigwise]


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Marilyn Manson

What the f--k else is new? This protesting is beyond old. Sit back down on your damn pews and keep quiet.. srsly


Damn right, they can't accomplish anything but get on our nerves and ruin things for people that already FREE-WILLINGLY CHOSE to be there.


"They can say they're Christians if they want to, but the Lord says worship me with your heart not your mouth."
so protesting at an event in the name of god doesn't apply to that? to me that sounds like hypocrisy.


If white power skinheads were performing would any object to liberals protesting outside? Just because they have diffrent beliefs?


people seriously need to calm down my god its a guy trying to make a living though music give him a break and get off his back. last year when he played close to my town a crap loud of christains came and protest saying that everyone that follows his work will burn in hell. i when wat the crap people i thought christains where nice people it looks like i was wrong. figures people like you all would start stuff with people that want to make a living. im a christain and all but jesus you make me question it.




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