Christians Protest Outside Marilyn Manson Concert

    Marilyn Manson has constantly antagonized Christians throughout his career, and he incurred their wrath again at a concert in California on Tuesday (Aug. 25). Manson and his band were performing at the Pomona Fox Theater in Los Angeles while a full-scale demonstration took place outside the venue.


    “The only thing I’m out here to accomplish is what the lord, Jesus Christ, through my belief, tells me to accomplish. And that’s take his gospel to the lost,” said protester Rod Warner. “Every shirt you see here depicts nothing but death. They can say they’re Christians if they want to, but the Lord says worship me with your heart not your mouth.”


    The show went ahead despite the Christian uprising outside, which featured banners saying: ‘Trust Jesus, Repent: Read The Bible’ and ‘Study and Obey the Bible – Matthew 7:21.’ Manson hasn’t yet commented on the protests, although it’s likely that he derived much amusement from them.


    [via Gigwise]