Chris Rock And Dave Chappelle, Touring Together?

    So this is comedy news worth sharing: in an extremely vague and tantalizing statement made on the Today show this morning, Chris Rock expressed his desire to work with Dave Chappelle, possibly for a comedy tour. Dressed in a black sweater, glasses, and white shoes (and looking, at 47 , like a 25-year-old whippersnapper), Rock let the idea slip: “…Me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together…we will see…” We will see. We will see?! This would be one of the biggest comedy tours of the decade. “Is that even allowed?” Al Roker wondered. Let’s wait and see what Chappelle has to say about it.

    In other news, Chris Rock will continue to make movies for the Madagascar franchise, “as long as they pay me!” [Indiewire]

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