Chris Evans States ‘Captain America 2’ Will Include Deleted Scenes From ‘Avengers’

    Chris Evans, the actor who’s taken the mantle as Captain America in its own franchise as well as the Avengers franchise revealed that Captain America 2 will include deleted scenes from the blockbuster hit the Avengers

    In an interview with Collider, he stated:

    “The most I am looking forward to is exploring a little bit of Steve’s… they had all those deleted scenes with The Avengers because a lot of those scenes are for Captain 2, you know what I mean? It was good stuff, but it all felt like that was his story. It is a different movie. With The Avengers there was so much to cram in. Like I said, it was a long movie anyway. So I think making it any longer would have just been exhausting.”

    He continued to explain:

    “A lot of that stuff [that was cut] is for Captain America 2. That is his story. It is him trying to on a personal level adjust to the fact that everyone he knows is gone… There are a lot of things that he kind of has to come to terms with.”

    Now titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the feature will begin shooting in March 2013, the assembly of deleted scenes from Avengers could help develop the iconic comic book character even further. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Sebastian Stan as “Bucky” will be returning. Joining them will be Anthony Mackie as The Falcon. The film is expected t be released April 2014.