Chris Cornell Says Today’s Pop Music Sucks

    Chris Cornell is bitching about the state of the contemporary pop music, saying that “it couldn’t be any worse.” Perhaps he’s heard “I’m Sexy And I Know It” one too many times (i.e. once).

    Talking to UK tabloid The Sun, Cornell concedes that all this bad music might lead to good things, rock-wise. “A big reason grunge became so big so fast is because people were so sick of what was out there,” he says. “It’s the same thing now. You have a better chance of a very healthy and vital rock scene coming out today because there’s something to react against.”

    But lest his scorched-earth thoughts turn into a backlash, Cornell admitted his love for Adele’s music, stating “They’re actually songs and she can really sing. So obviously the biggest market still responds to a human being creating music.”

    After laying waste to much of today’s music, Cornell then set up Soundgarden’s upcoming new album as a paragon of rock’s imminent revival. Nice move: “It’s new music available to a new rock audience,” he says. Guess that whole dance music thing didn’t work out, did it? [NME]