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Chris Cornell goes solo, elicits massive amounts of comments

Via Billboard:
I'm still amazed that we here at Prefix get at least one response a day to a post I did months ago about Chris Cornell covering "Billy Jean." Who knew debate about whether his version was any good or not would reach creation-versus-evolution, Mac-versus-PC, Pepsi-versus-Coke proportions.
The controversy will get rekindled on May 1 when Interscope releases Cornell's second solo album, Carry On. One of the fourteen tracks will be his take on "Billy Jean," as well as his recent Bond theme "You Know My Name." Steve Lillywhite, who has long worked with U2, produced the album. It's the long-coming follow-up to 1999's Euphoria Morning.
In other news, Cornell released a statement basically saying that Audioslave is a done deal--probably stemming from the whole, you know, Rage reuniting thing.
- Live Aid is dead. Long live Live Earth. Butch Walker, Tour Dates Let's go out tonite and catch Butch Walker on tour
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Chris Cornell

Okay, I'll post the first comment in the interest of fulfilling the prophecy.


the other post had more comments.

Dave Park

p.s. it's ridiculous for people to say that Cornell's version is better than MJ's.

Dave Park

Yeah, when did Cornell become such a worthless idiot? I can't believe this is the same guy who kicked ass on "Outshined."

John Zeiss

or "jesus christ pose." that song rocks.

Mike Krolak

Or what's that really hard-charing Soundgarden song on the Singles soundtrack--"Birth Ritual," or something like that. That song is redunk good.

John Zeiss

drawing flies off of badmotorfinger is hot ****

bruce muffins

Being that I am a huge fan of both Soundgarden AND MJ I can say that Cornell's take on Billie Jean was..different. It wasn't horrible and it wasn't great. It was just a pretty decent job...I like. I like how many people (I assume to be rockers) are saying that he gave the song more depth than MJ did. Just because acoustic guitars are in the song doesn't give it more depth. MJ's best songs have always been the ones that had paranoia dripping all over them. Which is why Dangerous is his most underrated album.It terms of solo albums (with the exception of the "Got To Be There" album he did with Motown) here's how I rank them:1. Off The Wall2. Thriller3. Dangerous (despite too many ballads in the second-half of the album)4. Bad (would be ranked higher if it wasn't for "Just Good Friends")5. Invincible6. HIStory- Disc 2Anyone care to comment?

Stephon Johnson

Chris Cornell is divine.


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