Chris Cornell And Wife Sued By Former Maid

    The cardinal rule of dealing with the hired help when you’re a rich person is to not piss them off. For starters, they know all the ins and outs of your personality and sometimes, even your dirty little secrets, literally and figuratively. In the case of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and wife Vicky, taking care of the help can prevent dirty laundry from airing later.

    According to TMZ, Elia Mora, who worked for the couple from 2006 through the end of 2011, filed a lawsuit against the couple. Mora claims she was insulted by Vicky and subsequently fired after she declined to return to the Cornells house after working a full day. In addition, Mora claims to have worked 43 hours per week without receiving any overtime.

    Though it seems like sour grapes for Mora to file a lawsuit if she were unhappily working for the couple for five years under these circumstances, don’t expect for this lawsuit to be brushed under the rug by the Cornells, especially since aspects of their private life may become public if this case goes to trial.