Chris Chu Of The Morning Benders Performs Acoustic For Oregon Public Broadcasting

    In case you forgot, Berkeley, California four-piece The Morning Benders put out one hell of an album back in May. Produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, Big Echo shared an affinity with the producer’s Brooklyn-outfit in its ability to blissfully blend a cacophony of sound with the more pop-oriented structure of the tracks.


    Last week, lead-singer and songwriter Chris Chu took a jaunt up North to visit Portland-based opbmusic to perform some of the songs solo including “Wet Cement” and “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight).” The resulting recording is a unique contrast to the multi-layered production of Big Echo in its intimately, skeletal presentation.


    Chu also is interviewed by opbmusic radio host Jeremy Petersen about their 10 months of touring and working with Chris Taylor.


    You can watch and listen to the set at


    Big Echo is out now via Rough Trade.