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Chris Brown's Interview with Larry King Was Pretty Terrible

Chris Brown's much-publicized "I don't remember beating Rihanna" interview with Larry King aired last night, and it was all kinds of skeevy. Larry basically excuses Brown for beating Rihanna because he's only 20 years old, Brown's lawyer makes cracks about not knowing who Rihanna is, and Brown basically refused to talk about the beating, claiming that he was ashamed, but never once referring to the incident as what it was: him beating up his girlfriend. Seriously, Brown danced around the fact that why he was on the show was that he horrifically beat up Rihanna so deftly, I'm beginning to believe the claims that he's the best dancer alive.


There's a transcript of the full interview here, and thanks to Videogum, here's a video of Brown's lawyer joking (GET IT, THIS IS ALL A JOKE!!!!!) about what happened.


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Chris Brown

Just stop already!!!! Let him prove himself redeemable. There are kids like him that shouldn't feel like they are damaged goods forever. Hopefully his treatment will help and he can help to educate other young men and women with anger issues. At this point your attacks are just pitiful!

Stop It

All I can say is...Oh that bowtie.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/cessemi/in the mirror airbrushed.jpg Emily Tan

Why doesn't everyone just leave him alone. He's trying his best to change himself and he's accepting that he made a mistake. Can't everyone just respect that he told the truth instead of lying and making excuses. If everyone just stops talking about it maybe he can have some peace and think about what went so wrong that he made such a mistake. If everyone keeps accusing him then how is he suppposed to change himself when you keep reminding him of what happened. Just stop chasing him down and he'll do whatever he can to stop that from happening again.


alright alreadi!!!we are all human beingz and therefore fallible hez accepted his mistakes so why not leave him alone?doesnt matter how low hez fallen what matters is how he gets back up and betters himself.itz not like his tormentors are perfect but if they can claim 2 have never made an error before ...carry on then Hypocrites!!!


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