Chris Brown Denied Entry Into U.K. For Whole Rihanna Thing

    Allow me to engage in a little bit of Chris Brown schadenfreude right now: The confirmed domestic abuser was denied entry into the U.K. this week because of what he did to Rihanna, and because the U.K. reserves the right to block people from entering the country that they feel is “a danger to public safety.” That’s right, Chris Brown is so feared in the U.K. for what he did to Rihanna that they are afraid of letting him perform the three concerts he was scheduled for. The big question is how come no one thought to plan ahead and see if he’d be allowed entry, because now he’s been forced to cancel the concerts. Isn’t it weird how he had to go to the U.K. to have real consequences for his actions, though? I mean, picking up trash on the highway is some people’s job and that’s all he got over here. In the U.K., they won’t even let him in. [BBC]