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Chris Brown and Rihanna Duet Actually Exists

The gossip rags have been reporting for a few days that Chris Brown and Rihanna not only reconciled following Brown's alleged beating and biting of Rihanna, but they recorded a duet about the incident. It turns out that wasn't worthless gossip--Polow Da Don, producer of Ferge and Rich Boy, among others, has released a statement confirming that not only are Rihanna and Brown happily back together, but he produced the song.

The singers completed a duet, said producer Polow Da Don's publicist, Laura Wright. She did not release any other details.

"My heart goes out to both Chris and Rihanna for what has happened in the past," Da Don said in a statement. "They are both great artists to work with, and I wish them well."

I had been holding out hope that this was a gossip magazine editor's idea of a disgusting joke, but this just went from gross joke to depressing reality. There's no word on whether or not the song will actually be released as a single, but here's hoping someone has the good sense to bury this right now. [Idolator]

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Chris Brown

ummmm i hope the song comes out because it would show the world that you guys are back together and ae still in love thanx peace owt

Mikayla (mrz Brown)

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