Chili Peppers Admit That Frusciante’s Departure ‘Felt Good’

    After his second exit roughly two years ago, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have come out with some feelings regarding former guitarist John Frusciante. Band front man Anthony Kiedis said, “It felt good because I knew he would be happier doing something else.” It’s no longshot, because the former Chili Pepper has kept plenty busy doing other things, among them working with Mars Volta leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in both film and music.

    Frusciante’s replacement, Josh Klinghoffer, was also a longtime collaborator. And while Kiedis said the band’s catalogue with their former axeman is “something we will live and die being very proud of,” he also said that Klinghoffer has reinvigorated the new group. So much so that they apparently recorded “about 50 songs” for their 10th album, I’m With You, which dropped in August. [NME]