Chief Keef Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Responds With Love

    Chicago’s hip-hop scene is heating up, and not necessarily because of the music. Earlier today, the city’s newest wunderkid Chief Keef took to Twitter to diss Lupe Fiasco, likely in response to his recent comments that Keef and the generation he represents “scares” him. The 18-year-old Interscope signee threatened to “smack” Lupe, and referred to him as a “hoe ass n***a” and a “lil bitch.”

    Mr. Fiasco was not slow to respond, only the MC, famed for his socially conscious outlook, fought hate with love–and rightfully so. In a series of tweets addressed directly to Keef, the rapper stated his love for the young Chicago kid, expressed empathy towards his circumstances and urged him to take a different approach in life. You can read his wise words below:

    Chief Keef has since claimed his Twitter account was hacked; not directly making reference to the situation with Lupe, but certainly insinuating his innocence in the war of words. Let’s just hope this means the potential beef has been thrown off the heat before it could cook. You can read his tweet below: