Chicago Woman Legally Named “Kanye West” Avoids Jail After Throwing An Amplifier Through An Office Depot Window

    Kanye West appeared in a Manhattan Court today on charges of criminal mischief – Mrs. Kanye West, that is. Mrs. West, born Linda Resa, is a 28-year-old street performer who was caught throwing an electronic amplifier through the window of Office Depot in Times Square last September.

    Concerning the incident, which led to her accepting a no jail plea with 100 hours of community service in Chicago, Mrs. West told the New York Post, “I have an anger problem a little bit.”

    The performer, who makes a living covering songs by Beyonce as well as by the original Kanye, was quizzed over her decision to adopt Yeezy’s name rather than Beyonce’s. Mrs. West, who also has the rapper’s name tattooed on her arm, chest and posterior, replied, “I don’t want to sleep with Beyonce.”

    Mrs. West is reported to have met her idol at a talent show in 2005. Regarding the decision to change her name, he told her that “he’s OK with it,” but he did impose the following condition: “He said as long as I act like a lady it’s OK.” For now, it remains to be seen precisely how ladylike the rapper interprets her actions.

    Watch the New York Post’s coverage of the story below. [Complex]