Cheetos, Human Skulls And Beer: Black Lips Check In From The Studio

    Spin has a story up today talking to Cole Alexander of garage punkers Black Lips about the band’s in-the-works sixth album. There are many, many quote nuggets in this thing, but none better than this:

    We’re also using this human skull.


    Come again?


    Yeah. I’d been searching for a human skull and I found one in New York City. We used it as an echo chamber. One of our favorite bands, the 13th Floor Elevators, had a jug player who would makes noises into a jug and it would reverberate. So we used the skull the same way. When music reverberates in your head it has a certain sound based on the geometry of your head. So this resembles the echo you would hear in your head at a live concert. Also, if you believe in spirituality, it’s cool with the trippy spiritual implications of the sound going through this particular person’s skull. It’s also straight up creepy. The eyes and the nose created a problem during recording because the sound escapes there. But I’d just put my hand over the nose and eyes — problem solved.

    Sounds like business as usual over at camp Black Lips. Alexander goes on to say that the band recorded something like 25 songs, half of which will be on the album, which is due out early next year. He also says Ian St. Pe. is going to be singing more, and he says all the band needs in the studio is Cheetos and beer. Read the interview at Spin.